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are collected from Designer showrooms, fashion shows, closeout vendors, consignmen
t shops and more to bring you
high fashion pieces without high fashion prices.


Get to Know Us

The desire to help people and make a positive difference in the world began the evolution of our business which started as a service-oriented company with a three-fold purpose: (1) to help clients discover inner strength (2) to provide services for businesses, organizations and groups in the area of fitness, fashion, and beauty; (3) to assist non-profit organizations in fundraising projects, public service programs, and community events. The great honor of Minority Business Person of the Year Award for the State of Tennessee in 1990 allowed me to be in the presence of greatness because Dr. Maya Angelou was the speaker for the evening. Though noteworthy, that achievement was still not accomplishment enough to secure adequate funding to expand and sustain the business. However, that honor did lead to being tapped to participate in the Nashville Area Chamber of Commerce Mentor Protege' program, under the direction of Robert E. McNeil Jr. Some of the highlights of the program for me were to be mentored by Mr. Taylor H. Henry Jr, who at that time was Vice President of Finance, Chief Financial Officer for Shoney's Inc. Mr. Henry later arranged a meeting with Mr. Francis Guess for me to discuss the possibility of franchising my business concept.

These milestones helped in securing a small loan which allowed us to get a prime lease location, which exposed the business to increased visibility and foot traffic at Fountain Square Mall. This was a beautiful location sitting on a man-made lake which added to our purpose and goal of helping clients find peace and inner strength through Fitness, Fashion, and Beauty.

After the closure of the mall, we were reduced to Regime Hair Studio from Regime Fitness & Beauty Spa at Fountain Square Mall. Now, due to Covid-19 and its many variants, the survival and growth of the company are hinged upon the success of the new e-commerce marketing arm/website.

We see this as a blessing in disguise and an opportunity to reach wonderful people all over the world!

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