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Experience Our Exciting Jewelry and Accessories Adventure, REVIVING Any 3 of

Your Favorite Outfits to NEW FASHION FRESHNESS without breaking the bank!

A RELATION-WEAR CINSULTANT selects JEWELRY and ACCESSORIES that will build NEW VALUE into Your Wardrobe for years to come.

The over $300 value, completed over three months, will take your selected 3 Suits or Outfits and TRANSFORM them into updated and fashionable new looks, by adding DESIGNER, NAMERBRAND and/or FASHION FORWARD JEWELRY & ACCESSORIES

The $150 ACCESSORY WARDROBE includes per inventory availability:

• Choice of Name Brand Jacket, Shirt or Top ($100 retail value maximum)

• Jewelry/Accessories for your three outfits (watches excluded)

• A Designer and/or Name Brand Bag ($100 retail value max) at your request

• Shoes and/or Boots ($100 retail value maximum) OR substitute special occasion clutch or handbag at your request

• All Wardrobe Consultations 

• Wardrobe and Accessories purchases

• Consultations and travel/delivery fees features New Designer Wear, Fashion Show and Consignment Clearance Merchandise which allows us to bring you DESIGNER, NAME BRAND AND HIGH END FASHION for a Fraction of regular retail prices.

Relation-Wear Clothing Collection


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