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Chanel Mini Square Classic Flap 2.55 Quilted White Lambskin Leather, Gold Hardware (WOC/Wallet on a Chain) Cross Body Bag has a vintage Bijoux Chain Link Strap. This Chanel Classic Square Mini Flap Bag is a must have for Chanel VINTAGE lovers! This 1980s buttery soft lambskin leather done in a white classic quilted pattern with a beautiful bijoux 24K gold plated chain link strap and gold tone hardware speaks to the Coco Chanel standard and is great for evenings out as well as daytime use.

Compare pre-1980s Vintage Price of $3000

Chanel Flap Bag History

In February 1955, Coco Chanel introduced what would become the most widely recognizable handbag ever - double flap, with a mademoiselle closure and mademoiselle metal chain. Coco Chanel wanted her hands free and so she outfitted the bag with double chains that can easily be slung onto the shoulder or the crook of the arm. It became popularly known as the 2.55 flap bag. Over the years there have been many variations to the original 2.55 flap design: the use of leather interwoven through the chain, use of different leathers and fabrics, single flap vs. the original double flap, and different sizes available, etc. In 1983, Karl Lagerfeld joined the House of Chanel as Artistic Director. While Coco Chanel designed the original interlocking CC logo, it was Karl Lagerfeld who introduced the interlocking CC closure on the flaps.
The Chanel Classic Flap bag was originally created by Coco Chanel in the 1920s, and was re-designed in the 1980s by Karl Lagerfeld to include the now-iconic CC turnlock. These bags are referred to by Chanel as part of the “Timeless Classic” collection

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