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I'm excited to send you a little CONGRATULATIONS GIFT as well as introduce The Health & Beauty Box as we continue to build and perfect our new website.

Let me know if you'd like one!

Thank you in advance for helping us to perfect our site by any input or critique that you would like to make.

100s of items to choose from! Your gift is on the way by drop off to local deliveries or shipping with your minimum shipping and handling cost at checkout with this link:


Let me know if you'd like one! I'll provide the gift. You just pay shipping and handling usually less than $10 (within US, shipping varies per country)

Don't forget to select your favorite item and we will build around your favorite item for your SPECIAL DELIVERY!

100's of choices to select from of items to put in the box! Pick your favorite one item and follow the directions:

You select your favorite item on the website :

from the HEALTH & BEAUTY or RESORT categories (the item must be able to fit in the Double-Mini Box shown). Most of those items have a $0 retail price because they are designed to go into the MY RESORT AT HOME BASKET and/or the HEALTH & BEAUTY BOXES (you will receive the Double-Mini Box as is your free gift pictured on the right) After you make your favorite selection and check out through the website (no cost for the gift) we will build around your selected favorite item to complete your CONGRATULATIONS GIFT!



Just for you, a SPECIAL DELIVERY that would include WARDROBE & ACCESSORY items (You choose any 10 Fashion or Designer items at under $50 listed price each, a possible $500 value for only $100, shipping cost included)


Contact us through the website and let us know if you get turned around or have questions!

If it's more convenient, you can pay SHIPPING through CashApp


The website estimated shipping cost


CONGRATULATIONS again on your recent achievement!


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