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Supporting worthy causes and nonprofits in fundraising is so important in this day and time, especially in a poor economy. Thank you for all that you do in the community! We appreciate your service and dedication to all people, especially those who are overlooked more than not. Thank you for accepting our invitation to participate in the below event set for April 28th 2024 in Nashville, Tennessee (see attached flyer)

The show will be a benefit fundraiser for Andre Southhall and family. He has recovered from two cancers but was recently discharged from the hospital doing test to make sure there are not complications from the second cancer AML. He also recently had adverse reactions to the new medications. This past December 2022, the AML blasted his bone marrow and God blessed him to have the transplant this past March. His healing process was steady before last weekend's setback and hospitalization. He explained that the journey has been rough because he went through 21 rounds of chemo and now dealing with some side effects of a weakened immune system. As you can imagine he could not work during last year's 2022 hospitalization and recovery throughout the first of this year 2023. Now again, income for his young family of eight (four children all under school/college age) is going to be negatively impacted again with this recent hospitalization. The family will receive 100% of On-site and Go Fund Me Donations to assist the family during this trying time and to establish the 501c (3). The nonprofit will be established to encourage, support and sustain other families who are adversely affected by cancer related illnesses. Your support could save a life. I look forward to speaking with you soon.

Very Sincerely Serving Others,

Valerie Lynne Jones, Founder


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