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We love the camaraderie still flowing from everyone wearing their pearls on Inauguration Day 2021! We also noticed some said they did not have pearls, but were still celebrating. We have some to share from our several fashion projects over the years. If anyone made that type of post and needs a fashion pearl necklace (i.e. not real pearls/fashion pearls) for the next occasion you are in the right place!   1) Complete check out here first for shipping information purposes. Then  2) Add to your cart any "PEARLS FOR MY SISTAGIRLS" selection $0 retail as marked. We are happy to show love by giving away the free pearl jewelry, however, as a small company ask each person to cover the small estimated $5 shipping and handling cost. One free item per check out. This is the checkout for the estimated shipping and handling cost and  3) As a BONUS continue shopping with no additional shipping and handling cost for any purchases totaling $50 or more!


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