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  THE VIP 100  


Is a group of 100 committed people with a desire to positively affect the world and people around them

The VIP's of the VIP 100 receive their choice of personal monthly gifts from "THE VIP 100" gift selections and/or the  "MY RESORT AT HOME" gift selections as a VIP BENEFIT. Our fashion and merchandise team of experts will assist you in your commitment to Bless others by making sure there are wonderful choices for you to select from and receive in your monthly box of name-brand gifts and merchandise. This will allow you to possibly change someone's life just by showing a little kindness in the form of a gift. With little to no cost, compared to regular retail prices, you will receive a monthly SPECIAL DELIVERY box of name-brand merchandise to share with others (after you receive the initial sign-up SPECIAL DELIVERY box for yourself, mix and match your favorites, no duplicate Designers or items please). You will enjoy searching the website to find your monthly TOP 12 gifts from all merchandise featured in a collage (items grouped together on one photo), as well as other individual merchandise items titled "VIP 100" or "MY RESORT AT HOME" to giveaway. This will empower you to reach THE VIP 100 goal of making a positive difference in the lives of strangers, acquaintances, family and friends around you (and of course your monthly FREE BONUS GIFT will always be included).


Your personalized VIP 100 initial sign-up SPECIAL DELIVERY box selected just for you by you or with the assistance of our team, can have a $500 regular retail value for only a $100 one time initial payment.

Then all following fashion merchandise and gifts are FREE! only pay shipping and handling cost for the following monthly SPECIAL DELIVERY's. 

For information on how to obtain your free gift please contact us at:

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